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Electri Bike


350W brushless large drum brake motor,
Ultra quiet sine wave 6-transistor controller,
14.250 vacuum tire,
48V12-20 universal
Digital instrument display speed
With turn signal
Equipped with anti-theft remote alarm
Speed around 40 km/h, shock absorption 190cm, load-bearing 200kg
165×89×33 147*80*32 40kg MOQ  100PCS 48v12a Tianneng Battery Rang 35KM,
48v20a Tianneng Battery Rang 45KM.              48v12a Tianneng Battery PRICE($39-$45)     48v20a Tianneng Battery PRICE($54-$59)
low configuration:+USD1.40( NO quality guarantee)
high configuration:+USD2.8

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