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Tianjin Huima New Material Technology Co., Ltd was established in Tianjin, China. It is a professional exporter of electric bicycles and electric tricycles. The  company Tianjin Huima New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has an exclusive R&D team, professional developers and manufacturers of China 3C certified electric bicycles, electric tricycles, and parts.Currently, we have many EEC and SGS certified products. There has been an increase in our global exports. Our global footprint has expanded to 35 countries, such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Mexico, Cuba, South Korea, etc.We value the opinions of our customers. We always consider issues from the customer's point of view so that our products will cover all aspects you expect. We will provide 3 types of products: the traditional type has powerful functions and practical performance; the simplified type is small and exquisite, convenient, but also decent and elegant. In terms of racing, we follow the concept of international fashion and coolness, design beautiful appearance, and satisfy users' demands for personality statement.We think green and we promise safety.We add color and fun to people's lives. Looking forward to establishing contact with you!

Tianjin Huima New Material Technology Co., Ltd

The division will be committed to constantly improve the production process and quality of products, and continue to develop new products to maintain the market competitiveness. Is moving in the direction of the modern enterprise with time. With "sincerity, practicality, high quality and high efficiency" as the tenet of the enterprise, we will serve people from all walks of life wholeheartedly.  

Address: Tianjin, China

Customer service hotline: +86 19133009792

Customer service hotline: