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Should electric vehicle charging be done first by connecting the battery or the socket? Many car own

As an essential means of transportation for ordinary people, electric vehicles carry their daily needs such as work, work, and leisure. Although everyone can ride an electric bike, there are still many misconceptions about the correct use and charging of electric bikes.

Taking electric vehicle charging as an example, should we first connect the battery or the power socket? Many car owners make mistakes. Today, the editor will give you a detailed analysis. What is the correct sequence for charging electric vehicles and how to use them more safely?
1. Connecting the battery port first is safer
At present, the power of electric vehicles on the market is generally above 400W, which also means that the higher the power of the electric vehicle motor, the higher the power of the charger.
How to make the charging of electric vehicles safer? The correct way is to connect the charging port of the Electric vehicle battery battery first, and then the socket port of the charger. The reason is that if the power socket is connected first, there may be a huge risk of instantaneous high current generation; On the contrary, if the battery socket is connected first and then the power socket, the risk will be greatly reduced, which is also a safer method for car owners to use.
2. Connecting the battery port first can reduce the risk of water loss
Knowing the correct charging sequence for electric vehicles is to connect the battery port first and then the charging port. This not only makes it safer to use, but also provides comprehensive protection for the battery.

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